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Arnone, since 1907 on the table of all Italians


Arnone was set up in 1907 from the dream and passion of Nicola Arnone who, along with his wife Rose, founded in Casoria (NA) a small individual business in which he produces, based on artisan traditions, a sugary drink with irresistible taste: the historical gassosa.
In the immediate post-war period, the Americans spread a new culture, which also influenced the habits of consuming soft drinks. The transition to the second generation also dates back to those years, with Giuseppe and Pasquale Arnone, who sensed the change of Italian tastes and began to produce new fruity carbonated drinks. This led to the creation of orange pop, Chinotto, lemonade, Cedrata and Spuma Rosa.

Also in 1950, the first facility was established with semi-automatic plants, which represents an achievement for the industry of the South. The great entrepreneurial intuition of the Arnone brothers transformed the small local business into a true industrial reality, thanks to the modernization of production facilities and the development of a deep-rooted distribution network in Campania.  This evolution allows meeting new consumer tastes and acquiring additional market share, making Arnone a leader in the beverage sector, such to deserve in 1975 the prestigious Mercurio d’Oro Award


The commitment in the technological innovation of production and facilities and the maintenance of high quality standards of products are the basis of the corporate policy established by the third generation: the cousins Nicola and Nicola Arnone, who in the eighties also initiated a profound strategic transformation of the company, investing in marketing and communication.

Thanks to eye-catching advertising campaigns, packaging design always in line with design trends and sponsorship of sporting events, Arnone has become a brand in step with the times.

In 2005, the company achieved the current corporate by-laws and with the management of Nicola Arnone, it is positioned as a solid and dynamic entrepreneurial reality, in which the experience acquired in over 100 years of activity in the soft drinks sector constitutes an important value by which to address the needs of an increasingly diverse and competitive market and quench the thirst of consumers with very different tastes, with varied products, with an unmistakable taste and above all, still genuine. Entirely Made in Italy.

Lastly, in 2016 was the creation of the new graphics line of Arnone products. A new image that best expresses the ability of Arnone drinks of being able to bring to the mouth of each consumer a sip of authenticity, of freshness, of great Italian flavour.

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